Medical Chiller Equipment Services

We presently service medical chiller from many different manufacturers. These are support chillers designed for MRs and CT cooling. This will include their chilled water distribution systems, city water change-over panels and filtration systems.

We support several local MRI & CT equipment firms that may currently be providing service on your MRI / CT, thus providing the chiller service that complements their scanning equipment that may not be their expertise. Mobile trailer MRI’s with belly mounted chillers and modified environmental air conditioning systems are another specialty.

These trailers may be at your location on a temporary basic and we can provide the service as needed. We work directly with several of the chiller manufactures to help provide service on warranty issues that may come up with a new installation.

Along with the chilled water systems, you must not forget about your indoor scanning equipment room concerns. We can provide service and preventive maintenance all of these medical needs. We know that down time can cause havoc having to reschedule patients. We expiate required parts and try to keep your system online. We are on call 24/7.

HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Companies outsource HVAC services for a variety of reasons, among them, to free internal resources for other purposes. At 1st Mechanical Services, we have the resources to provide on-site maintenance, repair and operation of HVAC systems:

Scheduled maintenance plans focus on maintaining the performance and reliability of your equipment through OEM specifications, thereby extending equipment life and helping reduce repair costs. By determining the level of maintenance your equipment requires, an agreement defining the type, quality and schedule of maintenance tasks can be developed.

Select maintenance plans focus on maintaining the performance and reliability of your equipment thereby, extending life and transforming repairs expenses into definable, affordable investments. By determining the level of maintenance your equipment requires, an agreement defining the type of quantity and schedule of maintenance tasks can be developed. By offering failure coverage for parts, labor and/or refrigerant, unexpected repair expenses are avoided

EPA Certified HVAC Technicians

Proven Customer Satisfaction History

24 x 7 Emergency Support

Access to Fitters & Service Techs8

Extensive Building Systems Surveys

Over 100 Years Combined HVAC Experience

Facilities Maintenance Service

We service and repair all major HVAC equipment, rooftop units, boilers, chillers, exhaust fans, cooling towers, temperature & humidity controls, pumps, installation of duct systems, computer rooms, and chillers for MRI magnets.

1st Mechanical Services offers service replacement and repairs for Carrier, Lennox, Trane, York and most other major manufacturers.

1st Mechanical will service your VAV boxes, heat pumps, boilers and cooling towers, chillers and RTU’s. We provide repairs and quarterly maintenance, as well as necessary chemical treatments. Proper chemical treatment and maintenance is essential for the continual operation of cooling towers and pumps.

1st Mechanical Services is your 1st Rate contractor specializing in all aspects of the HVAC industry, including Mold Detection Services.


Evaporation from cooling towers provides a very basic need. They cool water. There is a very important next phase to this, if the water they cool (usually condenser water) is too high, your HVAC equipment is probably not going to stay online for very long to provide cooling to your building.

This could be a water cooled chiller, self contained package unit or even in winter time a economizer system. The conditions these cooling towers operate under are usually in harsh conditions with very high moisture.

Towers as a sideline act like a big filter. Dirt gets into the water by way of outdoor air currents and collects in the water of the tower. This dirt builds up overtime and can possibly work its way into the water cooled HVAC equipment. The tower itself can get scaled up from water deposits. Fan drive systems, belts, motors, transmissions, oil reservoirs all take a beating.

We successfully provide the required service and preventive maintenance with backup 24/7 emergency repairs. Call us today to learn more.


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